Elemental Power Group
Courtesy of DOE/NREL. Photos by Sandia National Labs, Warren Gretz, Jim Miller

Power From The Elements

Elemental Power Group, LLC is a company formed to develop clean and renewable energy projects that will help clean the environment and promote energy independence in this country. The combination of several clean and renewable technologies will help hasten the growth of clean energy in the U.S.

The Company is named to invoke the elements of Greek Mythology, the sun, the wind, water and the earth, and to invoke the most basic of all elements – hydrogen – all of which are the bases for the generation of clean and renewable power.

The Company is one of the first to target development of industrial and utility scale power plants across a full range of clean and renewable energy technologies. Many developers focus on wind or solar or geothermal energy only. However, the development process, legislative environment and electrical infrastructure necessary for wind, solar and fuel cell developments are very similar. Therefore, it is the Company’s belief that the eventual combination of these different technologies into larger projects will have economic and political benefits.

Wind Power
The wind industry is currently exploding in the United States with over $2 billion invested each year. Commercial grade wind power started in this country over 60 years ago with... Learn more >>

Solar Power
The solar power industry is in its infancy. The Company estimates that the maturation of the solar power industry is where that of the wind power industry was approximately 10 years ago. There have been successful... Learn more >>

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ELEMENTAL POWER GROUP LLC. Photography courtesy of NREL/DOE.